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    Oferujemy szeroką gamą usług związanych z genealogią. W tym miejscu mogą Państwo się zapoznać z rodzajami usług świadczonymi przez CBG „GENERATIONES”. Ufamy, że każdy z Państwa znajdzie tu coś dla siebie.

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  • O firmie

    Centrum Badań Genealogicznych „Generationes” Aron Raszkiewicz powstało 1 października 2014 roku. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z krótką charakterystyką firmy

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  • Doświadczenie

    Krótka charakterystyka firmy doświadczenia posiadanego przez CBG „Generationes”.

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  • Referencje

    Tutaj mogą zapoznać się Państwo z opiniami osób, które korzystały już z usług CBG „GENERATIONES”

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  • Thank you Aron, for helping me piece together some of the tragic loses my family personally experienced during the Holocaust, and actually providing copies of documentation of the death of my grandparents and my father’s first son. An incredible addition to the birth certificates and marriage certificates you normally are able to obtain. I appreciate you clear English translations, and putting all the documents that you photographed into an order that makes it all coherent. I would gladly recommend you to others attempting to research their family ancestry in this part of Poland. ~Manny Bekier, Stany Zjednoczone
  • I hired Aron to search 20th century records in Ostrowiec to complete the families of my maternal grandparents, both born in Ostrowiec. Not only did he find information about relatives whose names I knew, he found the name of my great aunt’s husband, her birth record, her husband’s birthdate and the birth records of their children. Additionally, he found one of my grandmother’s siblings that I did not know existed and much more information that I am still digesting and incorporating into my family tree and that is directing my own research going forward. Aron presented this information in a very compete spreadsheet with all of the information available in the records that he searched, highlighting the lines for individuals that he knew I sought. He also provided a narrative describing what he found.
    Aron is incredibly organized and thorough. He started with the information I provided and put it in a spreadsheet to assist him while visiting the archives. He sent this research aid to me for approval and correction. He reported back to me in a timely fashion. His charges for this complex work are very fair. I will hire him for additional research later this year and highly recommend him for genealogical research. ~Barbara Weintraub, Stany Zjednoczone


  • Jeżeli interesuje Cię nawiązanie współpracy, zachęcam do kontaktu droga mailową biuro@generationes.com lub poprzez formularz kontaktowy w stopce strony.

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