About icons

There are two types of icons included – font icons, which are vector files, so can be scaled to any size without quality loss, and image icons, which are 16×16 px (and 32×32 px for Retina displays) raster files. So there are 683 different icons in total included. Have a look at the examples of both types (there is a full list in the template documentation):

Font icons examples:


+ 310 more icons like these above

Graphic icons examples of set one:

koloria/add koloria/zoom-in koloria/add-symbol koloria/blocknotes-blue koloria/bookmark koloria/button-back koloria/button-next koloria/calendar koloria/calendar-2 koloria/chart-graph koloria/clipboard-full koloria/dashboard koloria/error koloria/file-mpmusic koloria/folder-favorites koloria/help koloria/home koloria/info koloria/mail-reply koloria/trash-full

+ 145 more icons like these above

Graphic icons examples of set two:

berlin/address berlin/bank berlin/bookmark berlin/busy berlin/collaboration berlin/comment berlin/communication berlin/config berlin/email berlin/flag berlin/folder berlin/free-for-job berlin/freelance /berlin/link /berlin/login berlin/my-account /berlin/pen berlin/premium berlin/sign-in berlin/world

+ 82 more icons like these above

Graphic icons examples of set three:

essen/lightbulb essen/lock essen/issue essen/heart essen/full-time essen/flag essen/email essen/donate essen/date essen/database essen/credit-card essen/cost essen/config essen/check essen/busy essen/business-contact essen/bestseller essen/basket essen/address essen/star

+ 80 more icons like these above

These icons come from the folowing sources: EntypoBrandicoPC 100 Icon Packpc.de Essen Icon Pack. Thank you.