History services

  • Genealogy research (Family trees, genealogy of families)
    We offer researching iin archives in whole Poland, and also abroad. Thanks to the services of our company you will find the origins of your family until earliest possible generation.
  • Documentation research
    We research documents that interest you for court and/or heritage cases, as well as to meet your interest in history of a person, historic figure, companies and institutions.
  • Theme and press research
    We research information from one of the most important sources: press articles. Such research may be done in the territory of whole Europe and also other continents. The research results with creating databases with appropriate fragments of articles or full texts.
  • Property research
    Research to claim properties. Such research is conducted in appropriate archives and results with gathering documentation essential to present on a court case in orderd to win a property case..
  • History descriptions
    Institutions and companies with long traditions contain also unique history. In order to present it profesionally, detailed research must be done about such company/institutions and their activity must be documented. The main recipients of this offer are organizations and associations.